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Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

Sweetgrass Rods - Bamboo Fly Rods We are committed to creating the best rods that suit our customers needs. We take the time to learn about your specific fly fishing needs and then craft a rod just for you.  We permit customization on many aspects of the rod building process, including the following decision points:

Model Series


Sweetgrass Series

Mantra Series


Sweetgrass Proprietary Tapers

Reel Seat Hardware* Dark nickel silver, custom made with the Sweetgrass Logo Black aluminum (nickel silver available for $100 upgrade fee)
Winding Check** Handcrafed bamboo, using the same bamboo as in our rods Hand-turned acrylic
Rod Lengths, Line Weights and # of Sections Available in lengths from 5'9" to 10'9", and line weights from 2 to 12. Available in 2-, 3- or 4-piece configurations. Available in lengths from 5'9" to 10'9", and line weights from 2 to 12. Available in 2-, 3- or 4-piece configurations.
Wraps Standard wraps are sandstone on hexes and quads, garnet on pents. For corporate sales, we can customize your wraps. Do you have corporate colors?  We can do that! All wraps are cinnamon.
Price 2-Piece Rod $2000 $995
Price 3-Piece Rod or 4-Piece Rod $2500 $1200
Wait time Approximately 4-6 months for new orders Approximately 4-6 months for new orders



Stripping Guide*** Agate Steel, ti-chromed (a dark, not-shiny color)
Hook Keeper** Sterling silver ring, hand crafted by local craftsman Black metal


Wrapped nickel silver

Shipping Tube & Sock Custom, 2" powder-coated tube, color of raw bamboo, with custom fittings designed to echo appearance of bamboo culm; hand-sewn sock is embroidered with "SR". 1.5" brown powder-coated tube; hand-sewn sock.


Unconditional - you pay the shipping

Reel Seat Hardware*
Reel Seat Hardware - Sweetgrass Rods

Winding Check & Hookkeeper**

Winding Check & Hook Keeper - Sweetgrass Rods

Stripping Guide***

Stripping Guides - Sweetgrass Rods

Number of Pieces

Our rods are available in 2-, 3- or 4-piece breakdowns.  In our 3- and 4-piece rods, we account for the additional ferrule in our taper so the action is nearly indistinguishable from our 2-piece rods.  The primary advantage of a 3-piece or 4-piece rod is portability.  If you intend to take the rod on an airplane, the tube will be about a foot (depending on rod's total length) shorter than the 2-piece.

Line Weight

This decision is dictated by fishing conditions--where will you fish, what will you be fishing for, etc.  Also, you may wish to fill a niche in your collection.  We make rods to accommodate 2 to 12 line weights.  Please call or e-mail us if you're unsure as to which line weight will best suit your fishing plans. 

Configuration - Hex vs. Pent vs. Quad

Whether your rod has 4, 5 or 6 sides is a decision about which much has been written and about which passions are strong.  We would encourage you to conduct your own research into the pros and cons to formulate your own opinion. 

That said, here is a general overview.

Hex rods are the most traditional rod and are a good place to begin a collection.  The action is smooth and the bamboo fibers do much of the work for you.

Pents offer a bit more reserve power than a hex, and the wraps on our pents are in a garnet color that many find both striking and distinguished.  

Quads represent the "power" rod configuration in our line-up.  Some say they help one cast a fly in a straighter line, and theoretically, all other conditions being equal, this is likely true.  But, the number of variables one must keep equal is immense--wind, fly size, rod length, temperature,, don't expect that your casting will advance to "expert" level just because you are fishing a quad.  

Quad, Pent or Hex Bamboo Rod?

Grip Styles

Cigar and Halfwells Grips - Sweetgrass Rods

We make grips in Cigar or Halfwells configurations, generally speaking.  We are happy to match a grip on a favorite rod if you scan in a picture with a ruler beside the grip and send it to us.  Our grips are made with high-quality Portuguese cork from 1/2" rings.  Unless specified, they will be 6" long.  The Cigars are typically used on smaller rods, and the Halfwells grips are used on larger rods.  You can see samples of these 2 styles at the top of this page.  We have also made Fullwells grips.

Portuguese cork - Sweetgrass Rods


Reel Seat - Uplock vs. Downlock vs. Sliding Ring

Generally, sliding rings are placed on smaller sized rods.  An uplock has some advantages--these include the fact that the reel is a little higher off the ground if you lean your rod against a tree, and given the price of some reels, this is a plus.  A downlock has advantages, particularly on larger rods, because the reel is a little closer to your body and this balances the heavier rods.  As with any of these decision points, feel free to call to discuss further if you wish.

Reel Seats - Sweetgrass Rods

Wood for Reel Seat Insert

The options here are myriad, and depend on what we have in stock.  The decision is mostly whether you want light or dark wood, and whether you want intricate/burly grain or plain grain.  We are often able to accommodate requests for specific types of woods (maple, teak, koa, cherry, amboyna, walnut, cocobolo, zebra and olive wood are several types we usually have in stock). 

Wood Handles - Sweetgrass Rods Assorted Wood Handles - Sweetgrass Rods

All of the above decisions are yours to make and do not affect the cost of the rod (except for the 2 vs. 3 piece question). Additional customization options (wrap colors, blued hardware, etc.) may be available for additional costs. Call to discuss if you wish. In fact, we encourage ongoing consultation by phone or email both as you configure your rod and as the rod is being crafted. Typically, one of the BooCrew will be available to answer your questions and provide you with updates on your custom fly rod progress.

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