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Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

My rod!

Not long ago, Glenn Brackett and Jerry Kustich made it to the Ranch for a little shin-dig. It was during this event, Jerry handed me my first, custom-made, Sweetgrass bamboo fly rod!!! I know, you're thinking, "but you fish Sweetgrass all the time!" Most the Sweetgrass I fish are prototype or "shop" rods, lacking the finish work on a custom Sweetgrass. In fact, I cast the first Sweetgrass prototypes, many years ago, and instantly fell in love. And after many years of friendship, peanut-eating and beer-drinking, I was able to order my first, made-to-order rod. I can not tell you how excited I am, but will try anyway -- mostly using pictures.

I make rods as a hobby, and have learned much from the shop Booboys. I have cast many bamboo rods, and have a pretty good idea of what I like in a fly rod. And the one design that kept piquing my interest was the pentagon, or Pent, rod design. There is just something different about this configuration, and Jerry designs them like no other. More on that later. First, I had to find a frickin' place to fish my rod!

This place seemed perfect. Seemed that way...

I had cast my rod a million times (I'm terrible at math), but was chomping at the bit, to get the thing on the water and see what she could really do.

The unveiling of my rod begins -- with a sweet, prototype tube cap! Nice. Real nice. I love the yin-yang troutsLaughing!

Oh, and look: a rod sock that actually fits my rod sections! Doesn't happen that often with shop rodsWink.

And there's the sections: butt, mid, and two tips (yep, three pieces so's I could go hiking and find native trouts)!

There she blows! A Sweetgrass, 7'9", 3 7/8oz., 3 pc., 4/5 wt., pent. rod with a dry and wet tip. It's pretty much designed where one tip is a 4 weight and the other is a 5 weight, but because I always switch my lines and rigs, depending on the conditions I am fishing in, it's pretty much capable of doing pretty much whatever I want in standard trout waters. I wanted a little rod designed for remote-stream fishing, but could handle large tailwaters if needed.

Also, every "booboy" had a hand in making this rod for me, however, it was a project spear-headed and mostly done by Dave Delisi, one of the newer boys. He did a hell of a job. I only had a point-and-shoot camera, so the pics's don't do much justice, but the ferrules fit perfect, the grip is like touching a woman's thigh, the wraps are perfect, the varnish near spotless, and the blank -- perfect. Such a great job, and work I revel in every time I take my rod from it's tube (lots of times!).

The moment I had been waiting for: unwrapping the plastic! I cast the thing with the plastic on, and only take the plastic off when I intend to get fish-slime on the rod!

Time to head to the river. Only a few willows to walk through....

And Ariell thought it would be a great idea to follow the stream through a cave. Seemed like a silly idea to me, but who am I to argue with Ariell?

Sure, Ariell. Fall behind and whine, once it gets dark in here! Wuss...

Look, Ariell, a Water Ouzel (I know they are supposed to be called American Dippers, but that is pretty boring compared to "Ouzel!"), both our favorite birds! OK, you like pheasants just a bit better....

And, I found many great places on this amazing river to fish. The rod cast like a dream, and send my flies to every pocket I pointed my finger to.

And this is normally the time when I would write about all the fish I caught. However, on my custom-Sweetgrass-bamboo-rod-maiden-voyage-story, I have to admit, the fish avoided my fly-puppet offeringsFrown. Amazing, I know. But, I loved the water, willows and casting so much, I didn't really care. It was a great evening. Relaxing, even. Got to take a nap. Until...

Ariell decided it was a great idea to run over and jump on my face. Then, stay there, nearly suffocating me. It was pretty funny. The nice thing, was she kept the mosquitoes off me, by biting at them, and I managed to get a couple more winks in, before deciding to drive back home.

But the story doesn't end there.

Two days later...

My first fish on my first custom Sweetgrass rod, caught on an annelid pattern I tied! A twenty-inch Brown trout...

In Wild Waters,

Zac Sexton

The Meandering Booboy

The World's most extreme fly-fishing event!
First fish on Sweetgrass...

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J.o.n. on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 02:36

Hello. Looks like a beaty that rod.
Great blog about the lovely filing fishing a bamboorod.


Hello. Looks like a beaty that rod. Great blog about the lovely filing fishing a bamboorod. Jan Norway

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