The tradition continues at Sweetgrass Rods;
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Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

pondering this past year

Recent rains, snows, ices and blows have me mostly confined indoors reflecting back on the fact 2010 is almost over. How did that happen?! Most of my reflections are of fly-fishing in wild places with Sweetgrass rods, because that's pretty much all I do.

Some of you may not know me that well, so to give you an idea of my life, this year I have driven just more than 35,000 miles primarily to fishing destinations. And tomorrow, I'm taking off on another trip! That's just driving miles. I've hiked more than 100 miles this year, though I only loosely keep track of that. I generally like to forget about some of those hikes. Oh, the pain. I know, you feel real sorry for me.

I have rowed a couple hundred miles down rivers, and paddled my canoe across lakes and streams. All this I have done to find fish of many species, but primarily Cutthroat trout. I love native fish in native ecosystems. And I love catching them on Sweetgrass rods. Below is a pictorial to give you a taste of the places I have been carrying Sweetgrass cane.

I hope your year has been equally exciting and adventurous, and wish you the best days astream in the next year.

Hope this stirs your soul for next year's fly fishing!

In Wild Waters,

Zac Sexton

The Meandering Boo Boy

The Ol' Queen Coon
My biggest fish on a Sweetgrass rod -- so far!


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