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Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

Reminiscing the Summer

It's Fall. Seems like Summer was just a waking dream that slipped through my fish-slime-covered fingers. Now, seeing leaves turn yellow, I think back to when leaves were just getting Kelly green, during guided trips with friends from all over. One particular trip I think back to, was with Hanna Garner and Klayton Mai (German last name...). They have been coming to the Ranch for the past couple years, and I have been lucky enough to guide them, hang out and become great friends. We are friends mainly because Klayton is a fishin' fool, and Hanna makes amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

On this trip, I got to fish a bit, as Hanna and Klayton can pretty much do everything on their own, now. The three of us strung up an assortment of Sweetgrass bamboo sticks, and hit the stream for what was to become a very memorable trip.

Hanna is showing Klayton how you are not supposed to come this far back on your back-cast. She remembers it is very important to keep your rod tip at one O'clock. But Sweetgrass rods are so forgiving on casting technique that...

...Hanna was able to land an assortment of trouts, including this nice Brownie!

And back to the crick for the ol' Brownie.

While Hanna was slayin' trouts downstream, Klayton and I worked a ways above to see what we could see. Klayton is lost in braided channels about the middle of the frame. What a great place to be lost!

Klayton fights a healthy Brownie with an 8'3" 6 weight Sweetgrass hex rod. He naturally casts bamboo rods, a fact we found out last year. He started fly-fishing after lots of bass fishing, with a silly ol' graphite rod. When I let him borrow a Sweetgrass stick, he fell in love with it, and never looked back.

Klayton Mai fighting Brown trout with Sweetgrass rod
Klayton enjoys the delicate but powerful rod-action, finesse and love of nature one must posses to truly become one with the outdoors while fishin' cane. And when he isn't fighting fish on Sweetgrass rods, he...well, be likes to beat the hell out of people.

Klayton is on the left, beating the fellow on the right. He is an MMA cage fighter, and is now 1-0 in his professional cage-fighting career. That fight lasted 2:37 with Klayton winning by TKO.

It also took Klayton about two and a half minutes to hook and land this guy.

A little finesse, grace, love and understanding leads to a nice Brown trout to be released from Klayton's delicate hands.

"What'd you say about Sweetgrass rods?! You don't like Sweetgrass?! Now it's time to pay!!!"
I'm kinda paraphrasing what was likely going through Klayton's mind while pummeling this guy.

Look, Daisies and clover blossoms!

In Wild Waters,

Zac Sexton

The Meandering MMA Fighter Wanna-be

Brookies and Browns turning colors
The World's most extreme fly-fishing event!


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