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Where to fish, where to fish? There is a place....

Pretty much every stream I can think of is muck. This is a little tale of the exception to that rule.

I don't have to travel far to find this place, and it's a perfect match for the Magic Stick (walking stick/fly rod combo) that Glenn made for me. With the tailwaters even running a bit high and off color, I took the Magic Stick out for a little stream adventure.

Part of the adventure is hiking in! Oh, there's a road down there. Guess I could have driven....

And when I need a break from the rain and sleet -- I can always take solace in my river-side vacation home. I just have to share it with Pack rats. They keep a tidier house than I do, anyway.

Pack rats aside, I am just steps away from hooking up with....

...fatty Brown trout!

Look. I tried stonefly nymphs, Hare's ears, Brassies, etc... Even tried a dry BWO! But they only took the worm. If that's what they like, I'm not gonna argue. Besides a Brown in hand is worth a half dozen in the river. Maybe not that many. More like it's worth six.

It takes a little more work and weight on the line to find these guys, with the higher water, but the easy-casting Magic Stick enables me to hit pocket after pocket and pull these fatties from the crick. Such things should never end: casting Sweetgrass bamboo and catching wild fish.

Look at that belly!

However, sometimes I have to go back to my crick, vacation home and fight the pack rats for the dinner they left behind.

In Wild Waters,

Zac Sexton

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2flygirls on Monday, 20 June 2011 16:30

The pictures are so inviting. Makes me want to be there asap!
Must wait one more month, alas!

The pictures are so inviting. Makes me want to be there asap! Must wait one more month, alas! J.

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