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Return to Travers Corners

Return to Travers Corners
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Return to Travers Corners: Stories by Scott Waldie.

With stories full of the "witty homespun characters" (Library Journal) of his first collection, Return to Travers Corners brings us farther along in the lives of the townspeople. Travers Corners is not much more than Main Street. There's Ed's Garage and Filling Station; McCracken's General Store-still owned and run by Junior, the worst fisherman who ever lived to fish; the Tin Cup Bar and Cafe; Delores's Beauty Parlor; and The Carrie Creek Boat Works and Guide Service-Judson C. Clark proprietor. Travers Corners is an outpost for all things wild and beautiful-rivers and creeks, wildlife, cattle ranches, glaciated benchlands sweeping into the timbered mountains. Travers is a fly-fishing paradise.

Here are stories of love interests and fishing dories, of famous fishermen full of hot air and simple ones filled with awe. From the explosive businessman who gets his due to the humble genius whose fondest desire comes true, we're privileged to fish with, and wish with, the people of Travers Corners.

The simplicity of the rural West beckons from every tale-written with a wit that puts it all in perspective. The world would be a better place if we had all spent a spell in Travers Corners.

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