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Blood Knot

Blood Knot
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The Blood Knot by John Galligan.

Ned "the Dog" Oglivie lives in an old RV, crisscrosses the country to hit all the trout streams, and swigs vodka. But when he discovers a fellow fisherman's body in a Wisconsin stream, he also meets another oddity-one Melvina O'Malley-who tampers with the evidence and then appeals to the Dog for help. For some reason, he sticks around, encountering a red-neck fish poacher; a dangerously half-educated police chief; a retired, whiskey-guzzling fish biologist; and a crusading, crippled fly tier. In the first installment of a new mystery series, Galligan (Red Sky, Red Dragonfly), a Wisconsin-based college writing professor, portrays these radiantly quirky characters with deft strokes, pulling their strings with panache and outlining their world with humor and acceptance. A real treat.  -- Library Journal

Blood Knot is the second installment of John Galligan's fly fishing mystery series. 

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