The tradition continues at Sweetgrass Rods;
crafting fine bamboo fly fishing rods

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

Sweetgrass Rods represents the end of a long line of bamboo rod makers whose names read like a who’s who of bamboo:  Lew Stoner, Doug Merrick, Gary Howells, Tom Morgan, and Glenn Brackett.  About Sweetgrass RodsThese men put the estimable Winston Rod Company on the proverbial map.  Sweetgrass founder and Master Craftsman Glenn Brackett knew each of these men and learned the craft under their tutelage.

In fact, at one point, Brackett was an owner of Winston Rod Company. 

In 2006, in a highly publicized departure, Brackett and partner Jerry Kustich left Winston to start Sweetgrass Rods. 

Today, Sweetgrass stands alone in the category of “production bamboo rod shop.”  To our knowledge, no other company produces bamboo rods in the quantities we do.  In 2013, for example, we made and shipped over 250 bamboo rods. 

For some, 250 may seem like a small quantity.  But, each rod requires 40+ person hours of labor, not to mention sweat and tears.  With many fine bamboo rod makers out there, the craft seems healthier than it has been in decades.  Sweetgrass’ process, however, allows us to produce rods with identical action and in quantities few, if any, can match.

Elegant art forms that are effective fishing tools, available at several price ranges, and with reputable experience at the bench—our rods come together to provide a magical experience on the water like no other!

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