The tradition continues at Sweetgrass Rods
crafting fine bamboo fly fishing rods

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

Glenn BrackettGlenn Brackett (Founder)
With 40-years of triumph and tears at the rod bench, Glenn Brackett has been defined by his love of building bamboo fly rods. An inspiration in the shop as well as throughout the local community, Glenn will often say that his most sacred duty is to preserve the legacy of flyfishing by teaching others the many lessons of building cane rods. For bamboo rod lovers, Glenn’s intangible influence can be felt in every finely crafted rod we've ever built.

Jerry KustichJerry Kustich (Founder)
Jerry has been a part of the “Boo Boy” team for the past twenty years, learning the many intricacies of rod building. Always found on a stream testing anything from flies to waders to pentagonal bamboo designs, he has recently expanded the Sweetgrass operations to Maryland. Author, devoted environmentalist, rod designer, and dedicated angler, he spends much time on the road as a fly fishing ambassador lecturing on andJamie Kuss representing the ideals for which all serious fly anglers stand.

Jamie Kuss
Jamie is a fishing fool. A rod builder and refinisher of considerable note. He loves working and fishing with bamboo; fishing comes first with rod work taking a close second. Jamie has been understudying with Glenn for the past two years; splitting cane, milling, heat treating, and gluing. This has supplied Jamie with the needed rod building knowledge and makes him the person to contact for repairs and refinishing of all makes and models.   

Christine Lambert-BrackettChris Lambert
Christine adds a very special plus to the Sweetgrass line-up with her wit and humor, and also her sales and marketing experience. While she will deny a passion of fishing, she has been married to Glenn for decades, and there’s something to be said for osmosis. She and Glenn make a great team, and she helps increase the bench strength of Team Sweetgrass.

With over 80 years of collective rod-building experience, the Sweetgrass Rod team promises to build bamboo fly rods that are as special as they are a credit to the craft. 

Your confidence in our abilities has encouraged us to stay together, keep the legacy alive, and eventually pass it on to others.  We thank you for your undying support.  The responsibility is a blessing that will kindle our passion for years to come.

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